Acute Kidney Injury

Who We Are?

Indigenous master developers of a First-of-its-kind, Ultra-sensitive and Cost-effective Quantitative Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) platform that uses combination of a test card and a smartphone application to give results within 10-15 mins. This unique platform is being clinically validated on Indian population.


Affordable, Ultra-sensitive and Personalized Diagnostics for Everyone !


One Meaningful and Accessible Innovation per year for the Masses.


  Innovation, Consistent Quality, Honesty and Win-Win collaboration.


About Us

Each ‘QAWaChite’ contributes different perspective to the team, and the synergy between our team members produces innovative, meaningful and productive results. We love to draw out and encourage the unique skill sets of our team members, helping us develop affordable and easy-to-use diagnostic solutions that are user friendly and accessible to everyone, irrespective of any economic or infrastructural set-up

Acute Kidney Injury


Team with a Passion for Diagnostic Healthcare Innovations.


By creating High Accessibility of Sensitive Diagnostic Solutions to Masses


By introducing Affordable, Easy-to-use & Early-detection Diagnostic Platform that forms basis for a number of biomarker tests


With an aim to Reduce Socio-economic Impact of a number of critical medical conditions

Meet With

Our Core Team

Our-team consists of people with different backgrounds and expertise working together in a committed way towards a common goal of developing Affordable, Accessible and Personalized Diagnostic Solutions for Masses.


Dr. Rashmi

Managing Director & Head of Operations


Dr. Kunal



Mr. Mohan

Director & Founder

Meet With

Our Scientific Advisor


Dr. Rohit Srivastava

Professor, BSBE, IIT Bombay


QAWaCh Bio Timelines


SEP 2017

Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) awarded to QAWaCh Bio for R&D of innovative product InstaNGAL®

MAY 2018

QAWaCh Bio Incorporated

OCT 2019

Received SEED funding from Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), IITB for clinical study of InstaNGAL®

JAN 2020

Prestigious BIPP Follow-up funding received from BIRAC for clinical study of InstaNGAL®

JUN-DEC 2020

Received regulatory approvals from CDSCO for InstaNGAL®

NOV 2020

Received Nidhi Prayas grant by DST for R&D of Covid Antigen test - InstaCOVID Ag

JUN 2021

Special BIRAC funding received for manufacturing of InstaCOVID Ag

MAR 2022

Completed Phase I (pilot) clinical study for InstaNGAL® at two hospital sites in India

MAY 2022

Funding received from KIIT-TBI, Bhubaneshwar & DST for development and clinical validation of InstaCOVID-Home

Funding and Achievements

Awardee of prestigious Biotechnology Ignition grant (BIG), BIRAC

Awardee of prestigious BIPP grant, BIRAC

Awardee of Nidhi Prayas grant from Dept. of Science & Technology (DST)

One of the awardees for best idea pitched to WEE foundation, IIT Delhi & DST

One of the 10 Indian start-ups selected for Indo-Swiss AIT program by SINE, IITB & Swissnex, India

Awardee of special covid consortium grant by BIRAC

Awardee of Nidhi4covid 2.0 grant by KIIT-TBI, Bhubaneshwar & DST

Invited to attend Biotech Start up Expo 2022, inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi and QAWaCh Bio’s mention in '75 Women Entrepreneurs' coffee table book published by BIRAC.


Our Intellectual Property



QAWaCh Bio believes in diagnostic innovations that are ultra-sensitive and have high reachability to masses. Keeping this vision in mind, our team has developed a first-of its-kind quantitative lateral flow assay platform that uses a pocket-sized test card and a smartphone application to give bed-side results within 10-15 minutes.

We have currently an Indian patent grant awaited for this platform.