InstaNGAL® Test Kit

10-minute quantitative diagnosis for Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

InstaNGAL® is a quantitative bed-side test kit that is intended for early diagnosis of AKI, based on levels on NGAL in human urine. This novel test kit is based on QAWaCh Bio’s novel patented technology ‘Q-Plat’ and gives quantitative results within 10 minutes.

Intended Use

InstaNGAL® is an early detection of acute kidney injury based on estimation of Neutrophil Gelatinase-associated Lipocalin (NGAL) in human urine using a unique semi-quantitative and quantitative platform.

Quick Features



Methodology Qualitative Lateral flow-based antigen-antibody immuno-assay
Sample Type Urine
Reaction Type Immuno-assay
No. of reagents None
Assay temperature Room Temperature
Blank settings Not required
Sample volume 45-55 µL
Incubation time 10 minutes
Controls & Calibrators Not required
Accessories Plastic pipette
Read out Smart Phone application ‘QUNDAL’ to be used with the InstaNGAL® test card for quantitative results

Works under any light condition with no requirement for electric power or specific lab infrastructure for its working !

Pack Size
1×25 test cards
1×10 test cards
1×5 test cards
1 x1 test card

Kit componentsbr
(25 pack size):
25 InstaNGAL® test cards & 1 information leaflet

Storage Temperature
2-8 0C.

Shelf life
18 months

Samples availability:

In Stock.

Dispatch time
2-4 weeks

Kit dimensions

Approx. weight of kit

Production Capacity
25,000 test kits per day